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Network Service & Troubleshooting

Computer Solutionz offers network repair services that can't wait.  Whether you're fighting printers that won't connect, a network that's slowed to a crawling pace, unreliable connectivity, or a cyber attack from a disgruntled employee, hackers that are bored, or devious competitors, you need to know your issues will be short-lived.  Small problems in your network can quickly accumulate into bigger ones that can impact you entire organization and that's not even considering how these issues might impact your reputation, as these issues being to effect your clients and customers.

Potential computer network problems interact with nearly every aspect of the modern business.  Such multiplex systems by nature have a lot that can go wrong with.  Whether it's frustrating inconvenience issues to catastrophic failures, we will be sure to get down to the root of your problem.  Here are a few issues you might have with your network; No internet, Inconsistent connections, Inability to share between devices, WiFi issues, Difficulty accessing server, Bottlenecks, User access control issues, Unreliable backup systems, Failure of physical hardware and Wiring issues.

Why choose Computer Solutionz?  You may wonder why to choose us to handle your network repair, why we're the best choice for fixes, improvement and support.  We have provided computer repair and support services to home office and small business across South Florida for years.  We specialize in customer support, attention to every detail and maintain out edge through constant re-evaluation and education.  Your network needs all the efficiency and consistency it can get.  Contact us to help you maximize that potential.

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